..that wasn't so bad. Just a little bit terrifying, making that transition from Tuesday to Friday evening. And hitting my listeners, both new and old, with a raft of May Day songs about solidarity and the unions and protest, and finding they didn't immediately turn me over to Homeland Security...well...that felt pretty good. So now, my next task is to ask listeners new and old, former and latter, millennial and...whatever the opposite of millennial is...to remember Mom on Mothers Day. And not just with a telephone call (you know how nervous telephones make her) or a box of candy (don't try to tempt her into going back on that diet) or even a pat on the shoulder (you know how she hates to be patronized...I mean, really!...patronizing your mother?...how inappropriate!) Now, music! That's the path to the hearts of mothers and fathers, sons and daughters alike! So...what's her favorite song?

Probably not Mama Told Me Not to Come by Randy Newman (although I've already chosen two of his songs). Probably not Just Before the Battle, Mother from Tom Glazers' Treasury of Civil War Songs. Come ON! She's not THAT old!. And probably not Remember Dad on Mothers Day by the Perfect Gentlemen. I'm not even sure that's a real song by a real group, but, if it exists, I know I won't be able to resist it. Sorry, Mom.

OK, maybe some of my choices will be a little off the wall. But consider the songs that are bound to please her. Consider Mama Eu Quero, an actual Brazilian songs by...wait for it...Carmen Miranda! It means "I Want My Mama.". Consider Merle Haggard (of all people) singing Mother, the Queen of My Heart. Consider The Gospel of Mother by Pete Sutherland...well...maybe you won't consider that one. Just remember...it's the intent that counts.

So...remember...Friday not Tuesday...the 11th, not the 8th...but still Completely Different...and Completely Maternal.  

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