I'm looking at the list of thirty songs right now, and seeing that every title (with the exception of the last one) has the word "Moon" in it, like for instance, Moonshadow by Cat Stevens, Full Moon and Empty Arms by Bob Dylan (Wait a minute! The song that bears that title came out in the 1940s, when I was a little kid, when Bob Dylan was a littler kid, maybe not even born! What's up here?!), Wolf Moon by Neil Young, even another Dylan, Moonlight (Wait a minute! Is that the song that goes "Moonlight becomes you/It goes with your hair/and so forth? Well, who can say? I guess we'll find out on Friday, July 20th, between 8 and 10PM).

Oh, the last tune on the music list for that show is Under the Red Sky by....wait a minute...Bob Dylan?! OK, I guess we'll definitely have to wait until July 20th. But never fear. We'll also be hearing Full Moon by Santana, Drunk on the Moon by Tom Waits, Moon Over Bourbon Street by Sting, and a host of others.

Now that we've taken care of Friday, July 20th, we have to move on to July 27th...wait a second...that Friday is...Blank!! Oh, I get it. That's when I'll be in Oregon...or coming back from Oregon...maybe even at my humble little house right here in Santa Rosa. Well, we'll just have to wait.

And what about Friday, August 3rd? Just...wait and see.

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