..I'm at the breaking point.) Just to see the faces of those nightmare folk who presently rule our country (Country? Try "rule our WORLD!), saddens the sacred materials of his life. So he's been calling for help from the female, both in the world and in himself. He's gotten invaluable assistance from his wife, to whom he really owes his sanity much of the time. Now he's turned to music, and titled next Tuesday's show "Strong Women." Here's how it looks:

Most importantly, a short distance into the two hours comes a three-piece musical offering, entitled "Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Saga of the Good Life and Hard Times." It contains three pieces by Nina Simone, lasting a total of not quite 19 minutes. They are Sunday in Savannah, Why (The King of Love Is Dead), and Mississippi Goddam! This constitutes a genuine firming of the elderly backbone, and a determination to go on in the face of great adversity. Thank you, Sister Nina!

And there's more. Maria Muldaur, Rory Block and Eric Bibb get together for an incredible rendition of Dylan's Gotta Serve Somebody. I hope we hear more from this trio in future.

Need yet another interpretation of Amazing Grace? Here is is from the great Rory Block. Didn't get enough zombies after the last double feature at the neighborhood movie parlor? Got the remedy - Zombie, from the strange and wonderful Nellie McKay and her completely appropriate CD, Obligatory Villagers. Still not enough Nina? Time permitting, we'll also include Strange Fruit, Four Women and Pirate Jenny. And an extra special treat from Bessie Smith, recorded about the time I was born, If You Don't, I Know Who Will. And I'm sure she did.

Strong Women. KRCB-FM, April 10, 7-9PM. Enjoy!

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