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What People Are Saying about Rebels With a Cause


 REBELS WITH A CAUSE is really moving out into the world – thanks in large part to your help. Please take a minute to bask in the warm light of these comments from four screenings that took place over this past weekend. And take a look at the schedule of upcoming screenings – hope you can save a date to come see REBELS.

I was so immersed in your wonderful film, I almost forgot my name. I want to talk to the County about having a showing here at the Civic Center. I think it is so important to let people who weren’t here then, but who are involved now, to know the history of why Marin is who it is: the lungs of the Bay Area. 

We all loved your film! Fantastic!                 

It's very moving. And it's so uplifting to see how a bunch of local folks at kitchen tables saved so much land from development. And, it's very heartening to see a bi-partisan effort work—back in the day when conservatives were interested in conserving.

A great event to support some fantastic storytellers and friends.  It was fun to partner with Point Reyes Books on an event…thank you Steve and Kate!  One guest last night said he’d lived through and been involved with different aspects of the founding of the parks and finally felt he understood the whole story.  I couldn’t agree more.  Congratulations!
Point Reyes National Seashore Association

I just want to let you know how great it was to watch the film in Nevada City and be there to help cheer you on.  You've really done a terrific job and I'm hoping this gets all the coverage and support it and you deserve.  I heard from Amy Meyer and Michael Rosenthal that the showings in Pt. Reyes Station yesterday were a smash hit. I went to your Nevada City showing with an old friend and colleague who knows quite a bit about conservation and the Bay Area...but she learned a lot she hadn't known...a reminder to me (as if I needed one) about how important it is to tell these stories and pass them on from one generation to the next.  They get lost too easily in the fog of time.

I attended the film Rebels with a Cause, on Sunday, for the 6 p.m. show.   What a glorious achievement this film is.  A completely engaging and inspiring tale, supported with phenomenal historical research and boasting a real-life cast of characters and personalities that would be any director’s dream.  The quality of the film matches the greatness of the conservation efforts it retells. Have not seen any of Nancy and Kenji’s other films, but now I’d like to see them all.   Center for Biological Diversity

I hope the screening went well, and have had two delighted reviews from attendees that I know.

It felt to me like a real honor to stand up there with you and Kenji and to be associated in that way with your wonderful film. I have huge respect for both of you and all the time, talent and dedication you put in to Rebels. I know that the film will go on being shown and appreciated for many, many years ahead.  The Trust for Public Land

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