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"Growing Wine in Northern California" - Spot.Us TV Promo from KRCB North Bay Public Media on Vimeo.

With about 60,000 acres planted in grapes, less than 10% of its agricultural land, Sonoma County has surpassed Napa County in wine grape production. Sonoma County’s wine grape crop was worth $390 million in 2010, while the area’s wine culture is a big factor in Sonoma County’s billion dollar annual tourist trade.

Whether we know it or not; our county and Northern California’s welfare is balanced on the rim of a wine glass.

This project will examine this contentious issue and industry from the ground up, on both sides of the line, in a series of eight reports and oral histories.

"Growing Wine in Northern California" will harvest verifiable data and separate it from the critics’ vitriol and insiders’ self-interest. Is there a monoculture myth in Sonoma County or are we sacrificing the health of our diminishing rural areas to the huge profits of viticulture? 

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