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scholl_square.jpgPhoto credit: Carlos Chavez (top and middle) and Bob Dyer (bottom right and left).

Shollenberger Park in southeastern Petaluma is a 16-acre wetland bordered by Adobe Creek and the Petaluma River. Level paths—some paved, some gravel—wind among diked ponds, ample marshlands and open fields. This is a birders' paradise, so bring binoculars, a camera, and this handy birding list.


Easy: The park features an easy and flat two-mile circular trail and a one-mile trail through Alman Marsh to the Petaluma Marina.

DIRECTIONS: To reach Shollenberger Park from Hwy 101, go east on Lakeville Hwy. (Hwy.116 East) one mile to South McDowell Extension. Turn right (south) and proceed about ¼ mile to the far side of the U. S. Postal Service Buildings. Turn right there at a tiny lane marked with a simple street sign, "City Park." This turn-off is at the foot of Cader Lane. Fifty yards down the primitive lane is a paved parking lot. The lane continues as a trail leading up onto the loop trail on the main dike.



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