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we love earth 350 bodinHere's a preview of our 12-part podcast, featuring stories from California and the rest of the country (and the world). We're doing a deep dive on environmental justice issues. 
The timing couldn't be better, as the media is now turning its attention to this issue with full force. Most recently, the Washington Post ran a news analysis under this headline: "In the U.S. Black, Brown and Poor People Suffer the Most from Environmental Contamination."
We start our podcast with a story from East Chicago, Indiana. Why did municipal authorities build a public housing project on top of a Superfund site contaminated with lead?
(Photo:, Raphael Bodin, Survival Media Agency)
Future stories will visit a testing range where civilians were doused with Agent Orange, and look at an election in Richmond, California, where communities organized to reduce the economic and political power of the oil company that dominated, and still dominates, city life.
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Here's our preview:
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