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Copeland_creekThe California Department of Water Resources (DWR) has announced final approval for integrated water management funding including $8.2 million for the North Coast region and $30.1 million for the Bay Area region.

The North Coast plan designates $1 million for the Sonoma County Water Agency’s Copeland Creek project. The Bay Area plan includes $765,000 for local water conservation programs and $2 million for the North Bay Water Reuse Authority.

The money is part of Proposition 84, which provides funding for projects that assist local public agencies in meeting the long-term water needs of the state, including the delivery of safe drinking water and the protection of water quality and the environment.

The $1 million awarded for the Copeland Creek Project will fund the first phase of a multi-phase effort to improve flood protection and fish habitat, and reduce the sediment deposited in the Copeland Creek Watershed.

lawn-irrigation-1Another $765,000 will help fund water conservation rebate programs in Sonoma, Petaluma, the Valley of the Moon and North Marin water districts, the Sonoma Valley County Sanitation District and the Penngrove Sanitation Zone. Rebate programs will help residential and business customers pay for and/or install high-efficiency toilets and urinals, high-efficiency clothes washers, irrigation upgrades (such as turf removal and drip irrigation conversion) and smart irrigation controllers. Customers are encouraged to contact their local water supplier for more information.

Of the $2 million for the North Bay Water Reuse Authority, $500,000 will be used for funding the installation of an 18-inch, one-mile long recycled water pipeline from the Sonoma Valley County Sanitation District’s treatment plant. The pipeline, which is currently under construction, will expand the District’s ability to serve recycled water to additional customers for irrigation purposes.

“This funding reflects the success of the North Coast integrated regional water management process,” said Rohnert Park Vice Mayor Jake Mackenzie, Chair of the North Coast IRWM Policy Review Panel. “We've shown other parts of the state how to work cooperatively and be recognized for that.”

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