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San Francisco Bay

The San Francisco Bay is a great natural treasure— The San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) is charged with keeping it safe.

In 2010, KRCB is presenting the history and future of our beloved Bay in a new series called “Around the Bay with Will Travis,” who is the executive director of BCDC.

In Episode 1, Will talks about how his agency came into existence, after the public reacted to this 1959 report from the Army Corps of Engineers.

Sea Levels Rising

In Episode 2, Will addresses how the rising seas have already affected the Bay. This is a chart that illustrates his point.

In Episode 3, Will discusses the importance of levees and wetlands in the protection of our infrastructure.

In Episode 4, Will speaks about storms, floods, fires, droughts, and what could happen to our drinking water.

In Episode 5, Will comments on California’s past political leadership and what we can do in the future.




More resources

    • Visit the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission
    • Listen to audio of a lecture given by Will Travis in 2009
    • View a map that compares the Bay shores of the years 1849 and 2100 (projected)
    • View a map of the 1959 report by the Army Corps of Engineers
    • View a chart of Sea Levels at the Golden Gate during the 20th century
    • View a chart estimating the time it could take to stabilize CO2 concentrations, temperature, and sea-levels.
    • View a map comparing today's 100 year flood plain and a high tide with 16" in sea level rise.
    • View images of predicted inundation of high value infrastructure due to sea-level rise.
    • View a chart of the bay's projected change in salinity levels by the 2060.
    • View a chart of Bay Area green house gas emissions by sector for 2007.
    • View California's climate change emissions reduction programs from Episode 5.
      - Learn more about the Pavley Bill (AB1493)
      - Learn more about the Global Warming Solutions Act (AB32)
    • -
Learn more
      about the Senate Bill 375

    the Air Resources Board's Climate Change Program to learn about where these initiatives are taking California.
  • Learn more about what California's Natural Resources Agency is doing to protect our state.
  • In 2009, BCDC held the Rising Tides Competition, an international design competition for ideas responding to sea level rise in San Francisco Bay and beyond. View the competition winners.

What can you do?

    • Visit KRCB's Natural Heroes to learn about what ordinary citizens are doing to change the world we live in.
    • Learn how to keep our air clean.
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