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Pebble_Series_1 I drove past the new sculpture garden at the Sonoma County Museum several times during its construction and finally my curiosity got the better of me.  A few days ago, early on a weekday afternoon, I stopped to take a look around.  The Sculpture Garden was created on land adjacent to the museum, a site previously used to park cars.  Apart from being a vast improvement over the parking lot, the Sculpture Garden is a handsome addition to downtown Santa Rosa.

Seiche The garden makes interesting use of a variety of plants and trees, including olive and plum, as well as grass and hardscape areas.  Although equipped with more than an average number of benches for a comparatively small space, I saw no provision for a place to rest in the shade.  If you visit on a sunny day, take a hat. 

The sculptures vary in scale and size but none dominate at the expense of others.  The materials include wood, steel, aluminum, travertine, and stone.  The entry gate on 7th Street is almost a sculpture in itself, well proportioned and in keeping with the whole environment.

InstallationThe Sculpture Garden is also intended to be used for performances and classes.  The next performance, September first, is by the Tom McIntyre Trio. Consult the museum website for other scheduled events.  The Sonoma County Museum is located at 425 7th Street, Santa Rosa.

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