Holiday Picks Front Slide 2019 0In what has become an annual tradition, Word By Word host Gil Mansergh is pleased to welcome the book buyers for Copperfield’s Bookstores, Sheryl Cotleur and Michelle Bellah with their challenging task of choosing which books to talk about for gifting—in under an hour.

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Since this show aired during pledge week at KRCB-FM, it is a good time to thank you for your tangible financial support. For although Word By Word is archived and made available around the world as podcasts on NPR, Gil Mansergh’s hour-long Conversations With Writers shows are produced locally, in KRCB-FM’s Rohnert Park Studios.  Over the years, your generosity has permitted us to chat about books and writing with Pulitzer Prize, and National Book Award winners, McArthur Grant recipients, and local writers whose primary jobs are as electrical engineers, physicists, police dispatchers, farmers, teachers, artists, photographers, and students. We’ve met people who write novels, histories, mysteries, biographies, poems, screenplays, documentary scripts, stage plays, newspaper serials, short stories, and memoirs.

How great is that?

Word by Word Conversations with Writers is hosted by Gil Mansergh and can be heard on the second Sunday of the month at 10:00 am on KRCB-FM Radio 91 / streaming @ / Listen on the go - download the FREE KRCB App for your favorite mobile device.

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    David Perry on Word By Word - April 12, 2020

    In the midst of the pandemic, you may not be aware that the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists re-set their so-called ‘Doomsday Clock’ to 100 seconds before midnight—the closest the Clock has ever been to catastrophic nuclear annihilation. That recalibration is the focus of one of the episodes of…
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    Gil Welcomes Stay-at-Home Dad Turned Author, David Hightower on World By Word - Sunday at 10am

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    The Multi-Talented Leslie Sbrocco Joins Gil Mansergh’s Word By Word for October at Its NEW TIME - Sunday at 10 am

    Gil Mansergh’s Word By Word timely conversation for October is the passionately multi-talented Leslie Sbrocco, host of Check Please Bay Area for 14 years, and executive producer, writer, and presenter of her brand new PBS series 100 Days, Drinks, Dishes & Destinations. The series will begin airing…
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    Word by Word Welcomes Murder Mystery Writer Cara Black

    Sunday at 4 pm on KRCB FM Radio 91.Word by Word listeners (and mystery writers) will enjoy the conversation (and pick up a few writing tips), during Gil Mansergh’s informative conversation with Cara Black, the New York Times bestselling author of 19 Aimee Leduc murder mysteries. Each novel takes…

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