Live stream for Connect the Bay, Sunday June 30 from 5pm - 6pm (PT)

The subject of this program is gentrification and displacement around the Bay Area, from San José to Santa Rosa. We'll have feature stories about Oakland and the Roseland neighborhood of Santa Rosa, and we'll be talking with elected officials, non-profit leaders and community members from the South Bay and the peninsula.
Remember: Connect the Bay starts with you.
To join our San Jose viewing party, learn more about it and sign up via Eventbrite.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about gentrification and displacement in the Bay Area right now, and include contact information if you'd like us to be directly in touch. We may include your question or comment on the air during our show.
Send us your questions on Twitter (@norcalpublic) and Facebook (@norcalpublicmedia) with the hashtag “#connectthebay”.  On Instagram include a photo of  your community, letting us know how the picture connects to the issue of gentrification, and ask a question in the caption. 


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