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Register for Rebuilding and Resiliency: How We Need to Handle Wildfires From Now On

By Vanessa Richardson, CalMatters October 8, 2020 California has been hit hard in recent years by wildfires, but the deadliest and most destructive one in its history was the Camp Fire. On the morning of November 8, 2018, a spark turned into a firestorm that barrelled through the town of Paradise,…

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Unsafe To Drink: Wildfires Threaten Rural Towns With Tainted Water

by Rachel Becker, Cal Matters October 5, 2020 "Homes destroyed by the LNU Lighting Complex Fire are interspersed with untouched homes above Lake Berryessa, a resort area and water supply reservoir, on Sept. 21, 2020. After the fire in August, residents were advised not to drink or boil the tap…

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Hillside burning on Calistoga and Badger road

Glass Fire Photos Show Overnight Firefight and Evacuations

September 28, 2020 Photography by Erik Castro, Photojournalist Erik Castro is a Santa Rosa-based photojournalist who started his career covering homelessness and addiction in Seattle, Washington. Castro has won multiple National Press Photographers Association Awards for his multimedia work,…

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