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Inspired Forward by LandPaths

(February 23, 2015)  
When young people are exposed to the great outdoors, they learn important life lessons about physical activity and staying in shape for a lifetime of good health.  As the hawk soars, it’s only 13 miles from the west county’s unspoiled Bohemia Ranch to urban Roseland. But for middle school students in an outdoor youth leadership program, it can be a memorable journey. KRCB’s Bruce Robinson tagged along on one such outing last week and explored how getting out of doors can set young people up for a lifetime of understanding getting out into nature and getting healthy.

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California's Retiree Health Care Costs Jump Past $70 Billion

(December 17, 2014)
• Falling Gas Prices Benefit Drivers, Businesses

• California Needs 11 Trillion Gallons Of Water To End Drought


Today's reporting by Ben Adler, Katie Orr, and Amy Quinton.

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