lowell bergman courtesyUCBerkeleyIn the film The Insider, Al Pacino plays crusading journalist Lowell Bergman, as he takes on the tobacco industry and his bosses at the CBS newsmagazine 60 Minutes.
This fall, Bergman sat before a live audience in Healdsburg and recounted stories of his career, both before and after that notable time. 
Bergman didn't invent investigative journalism, but he won a Pulitzer Prize, and a bushel of other awards, practicing it. And his efforts to educate young people in the art of this work have made him one of the craft's most recognizable and respected practioners.
Sonoma West Publishers invited Bergman to Healdsburg (he has a home nearby), and in partnership with us at Northern California Public Media, he told some stories he later confessed he'd never told in public.
Join us in listening to an hour with Lowell Bergman.
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