mail ballotsA new study by the California Voter Foundation shows young voters’ ballots are rejected at three times the overall rate in Sacramento, Santa Clara, and San Mateo counties. Most of the rejected ballots arrived too late.

Story by Chris Nichols.

(Photo: Vote-by-mail ballots wait to be opened at the county registrar's office March 3, 2020 - Andrew Nixon / CapRadio)





The median price for a home in California reached a record high last month, topping $700,000 Low mortgage rates and a limited inventory contributed to soaring home values.

Story by Scott Rodd.

Governor Newsom signed a bill to give tax breaks to undocumented workers. His signature extends tax breaks to an estimated 600,000 taxpayers without social security numbers.

Story by Nicole Nixon.

Governor Newsom also awarded the first round of funding through Project Homekey; an effort to convert motels and empty apartment buildings into housing for the homeless. Mayors Steinberg and Liccardo weigh in.

Story by Scott Rodd.




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