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Viewer Exchange: World Focus

Dear KRCB:

Please don't end World Focus. It is one of the very best news programs. BBC is the only other source of world news and even that program is mostly focused on the US. Americans need more world news to make us aware of other countries and peoples, not less. Thank you.

A Viewer



Dear Viewer:

The decision to end World Focus is not ours. It is a decision made by the producers. They made an announcement during their Monday, March 8, 2010 broadcast about their decision. It was announced to our programming director here at KRCB only a few days earlier that they have been unable to obtain the funding they need to keep the program in production due to the economies of the times. If they can find the funding, they will continue it, but it is purely a financial decision at this time. We here at KRCB have no say in whether it continues or not. You could try contacting them directly at

Thanks for your inquiry.

KRCB Staff