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Viewer Exchange: TV Schedule

Dear KRCB:

Are you still doing a paper schedule for TV and radio? If so, I would like to get it. I know mailing is an expense. Perhaps you could post a pdf of the schedule instead of the way you do it now, week by week with few descriptions.

A Viewer



Dear Viewer:

We are still producing a paper schedule of Open Air, our monthly programming guide, and would be happy to put you on a list to receive one. We stopped mailing it except by request in March. There is a pdf available online. If you go to the website,, and look on the right hand side of the home page, you'll see "Open Air Online." The current month's Open Air is available for download if you click on the link. We put the next month up as soon as it is ready. Contact Joel Bellagio in membership if you'd like to continue to receive a paper copy, 707-584-2018.

There is also a slide in the slideshow at the top center of the home page which also has a link to the Open Air pdf page.

Thank you for your inquiry.

KRCB Staff