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Viewer Exchange: Digital Broadcast Interrupted at Midnight

Viewer inquiry:


I am a long-time fan of KRCB. I'm unemployed and on a tight budget, so it's nice to be able to get some decent programming on broadcast television here in Vallejo, California.

I have been looking for information about the broadcast schedule. I cannot find any information about why the channels cease broadcasting after midnight, even though there are programs scheduled 24/hrs a day.

I have a hunch it may be due to cutting the strength of the signal after midnight but want to make sure.

I hope you will consider resuming broadcasting at full signal strength so that I can watch Democracy Now!

Thank you.

A Viewer


Dear Viewer:

Thank you for your interest in KRCB and our programming. Your assessment is correct. We actually turn off the transmitters for the over-the-air broadcast at midnight and resume at 6 am during the week, slightly later on the weekends. We do continue to feed our programming over cable and satellite through the night time hours. This maintains our position in the system--if we don't do that, then they will put some other channel on there during the hours we are off the air. The reasons for turning the transmitter off include the cost of the power to run the transmitter and the wear and tear on the transmitter itself. In addition, there is the cost of staffing the station overnight, which would add another entire shift to our employee costs. We have requests to move Democracy Now! to an earlier time slot, but so far have not been able to accomplish this.