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KRCB's election coverage: Viewer Exchange

Listener writes:

"As a vital Sonoma County radio station, KRCB is going to do prime time (commute time?) interviews with the candidates for office, isn't it? In this crucial election year, voters need to hear straight talk from the men and women who aspire to office. This election year is too important to neglect informing the electorate. Let's take one specific race: voters need to hear first-hand from both Lynn Woolsey and Jim Judd. Interview them and ask them both the tough questions. It is hugely important that KRCB play its part and allow the candidates to speak. I want to be able to tune in VERY soon and hear both these candidates being interviewed during peak listening hours."


Dear Listener:

KRCB makes a concerted effort to cover local elections for our community and our audience. Our approach has been to do this as close to home as possible, which has generally meant giving precedence to the city council and county supervisor races.

In the November 2 election, there are more than 100 candidates for local positions on the ballot in Sonoma County alone. It is simply not possible for us to interview all of them, so KRCB-FM has chosen to focus on the city council races in Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Healdsburg, Sebastopol and Cotati. These are the cities with contested races that lie most directly within our radio broadcast foot print.

On television, we will broadcast three candidate forums hosted by the League of Women Voters on Sunday mornings at 8 am, as follows: October 17 -- Santa Rosa City Council;     October 24 -- Petaluma City Council; and, October 31 -- Statewide ballot measures. We also invite candidates for state offices to submit video statements, which are aired throughout our broadcast day.

However, at this time, our available resources do not enable KRCB to conduct the sort of long-form, one-on-one interviews you desire with any of the candidates in any of the races. We hope to be able to do more in the future.

Thank you for your interest and suggestions.

KRCB Staff