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League of Women Voters Special: 2016 Pros and Cons of the Ballot InitiativesSunday, October 30 at 8 am Feeling overwhelmed by the long list of state ballot initiatives? All 17 of them! Then don’t miss this neutral analysis detailing what each initiative will accomplish if passed, listing who the sponsors and the antagonists are, plus financial impacts. Ghosts of Elections PastHi Gene! Meet the…
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Pros and Cons of the 2016 California Ballot Initiatives

Sunday, October 30 at 8 am. Feeling overwhelmed by the long list of ballot initiatives? This League of Women Voters special presents the pros and cons of the 17 state ballot initiatives. Detailing what the initiative will accomplish if passed,…
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Poldark, Season 2 on Masterpiece, Episode 1

Sunday, October 30 at 8 pm. In 18th century Cornwall, times are as tough as the rocky shoreline: unemployment, hunger, and sickness are widespread among the working class, while the wealthy landowners prosper. Only one man dares to defy the status…
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Trilogy of Terror: Theater of the Mind

Sunday, October 30 at 11 pm. KTWU's Theatre of the Mind presents an all-new production in the style of a 1940's radio play, based on three classic stories and adapted by playwright Philip Grecian: "The Fall of the House of Usher" by Edgar Allan Poe;…
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