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More voters, longer count times

register-vote-stampCalifornia has a record number of registered voters this year, but as a growing majortiy choose to vote by mail, the final count in close races will take longer to determine.

Handicapping some Propositions

california voter guideIn today's Update, we look at the latest polling on some of California's ballot measures that don't involve tax increases, as well as the legal battle over disclosing the sources of PAC funding for initiative campaigns.

Following the Money

AZcheck-525x213A warning to beware of spooks and other pedestrians out and about tonight. Also, pulling back the curtain hiding the source of the big money behind one California Proposition campaign.

Props 30 & 38 Diverge

Youth crimeNew polling shows a widening gap in support for rival Propositions 30 and 38. Also, youth crime declines in California.

Voter registration heading up in CA

online-voter-registrationWhile certain other states have enacted hotly disputed measures to curtail alleged voter fraud, usually by adding new eligibility requirements for some voters, California is bolding moving in the opposite direction.

At right, California Secretary of State Debra Bowen shows off the state's new online voter registration form.