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Mark Twain’s Journey to Jerusalem: Dreamland

twain 350Monday, May 21 at 9 pm. Retraces Mark Twain's footsteps as a cub reporter on a bold adventure sailing around the Mediterranean and throughout Europe in 1867, with Jerusalem and the Holy Land as his ultimate destination. Narrated by Martin Sheen, the documentary reveals Twain's deep-rooted and complex relationship with religion. Having regularly attended church services as a child with his devoutly Christian mother and thoroughly educated on Christianity and the Bible, his childhood imaginings of the Holy Land are confronted with a vastly different reality: the monuments, cities, and landscapes aren't as grand as the Scriptures led him to believe. He also finds himself disillusioned by the poverty and squalor he witnesses beneath the "splendor" of European culture. The film chronicles Mark Twain's exploits on his landmark journey and establishes Twain as the voice of America – funny, sarcastic, and powerfully opinionated.