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President's September Message

Dear Member,
   This month we are airing loads of great programs on the American Labor Movement (see page 7) as well as on Hispanic Heritage Month (page 9).
   One show, Harvest of Loneliness, covers both topics. Harvest of Loneliness was brought to our attention by our good friend Alicia Sanchez whose father was a bracero, as were many fathers, uncles, and grandfathers of those of us who live in the North Bay today. The film, directed by Gilbert Gonzalez, professor emeritus at UC Irvine, tells of the difficulties and injustices that the braceros experienced. The film is important Hispanic and labor history, and is also, in the context of today’s debate on immigration, a look at how one “guest worker” program worked.
   On September 14 at 10:30 pm on KRCB Television check out the KRCB Classic, Go Chanting Libre. With the support of the
National Endowment for the Arts, in 1985, KRCB produced this portrait of Latino poet, Juan Felipe Herrera. Juan Felipe was part of the great Poetry in the Schools program; remember when programs like that existed? Herrea is now one of the
nation’s most respected poets, so we are delighted to bring the film back as a part of Hispanic heritage month.