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Presidents May Blog

Dear Member,
   One of our great pleasures here at KRCB is when we are able to work with independent producers to air their work on Channel 22 and also to present it to PBS stations nationwide. Not only are we able to get these producers the recognition they deserve for their great work, but we also are able to add variety to the program line-up on other stations.

   In May we are airing two programs which KRCB will also present to “the system.”  Lessons from the Real World comes to us from award-winning producer Bob Gliner.  Lessons looks at our K-12 school system and the current emphasis on test scores. The documentary suggests, as do many educators, that looking at scores is looking in the wrong place for an improved and relevant education.

   Someplace with a Mountain will also be a KRCB presentation to stations around the country. Producers Russell Long and Steve Goodall present the story of climate change and the flooding of the homeland of a very special group of Pacific Islanders.

   Independent producers are the creative force in public broadcasting.  KRCB has always been committed to providing a forum—Channel 22—to showcase their work. Of course, our own Natural Heroes, returning in August, is also evidence of that commitment.

   Enjoy!  You make it happen.