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President's March Blog

 Dear Member,

     As detailed above on this page, KRCB is launching a brave new experiment with online news and information. This is a exciting new manifestation of the hopes and dreams and focus on the spirit of innovation which is driving us here at the station.

     Our community engagement mentor, Rich Harwood has written recently about innovation. He notes a common tension these days between planning and innovation, observing with regret that, "Too often, when confronted by a challenge, we reach to do more endless planning." Of course, we all know that critical and sound planning  must precede action, but too often planning is used to avoid action or in search of the illusive perfect knowledge of the future. 

     The monumental transformation of the world of news and information has had the KRCB staff, Board, and volunteers planning, talking, reading, considering for somewhat over a year. It is now time to try the innovations we've been talking about. We are going out on something of a limb, but to stay where we have been, in the face of those monumental changes, is simply not an option. In order to continue as your trusted source of information about the world and the North Bay, we are embracing innovation. There will surely be bumps along the way, but that's how we learn. And we'll measure and count and observe, as well as welcoming your comments. That is also how we'll learn.

     Keep an eye on your public media service, KRCB.