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President's June Blog

Dear Member,

Over the past few years you have heard much talk about the television conversion from analog to digital broadcast. KRCB successfully completed the transition of our transmission system two years ago. That was the largest and most expensive part of the project and our engineering staff is happy that it is behind us.

The second part is the conversion of our television master control facility, where programs are received, recorded, stored, and played at the appropriate time. We have been in the tape-to-tape to machine world for our entire 27 years.  Not only has the industry moved way beyond where we are, many of the machines are now so old there is no manufacturers’ support.

Enter some fantastic grants awarded by Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and the Department of Commerce. These are matching grants and we have made substantial progress but are not home free yet. Our match requirement was $447,407 and to date we’ve raised $273,387, leaving $174,020 to raise.

Congress has just zeroed out the Department of Commerce program and continues to threaten unexpended funds at CPB.  We are therefore turning to you, our loyal supporters, to ask for an additional gift of whatever size you can manage to help assure that these funds are not lost to KRCB and our community.  One grant is a 3 to 1 match, the other a 2 to 1 match, clearly a pair of wonderful opportunities.

So, if you can dig in again, if you know of a corporation or local business that we might approach, we are looking for all the help we can get.

Thanks for your support.