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President's July Blog

Dear Member,You have read many times in these pages about KRCB’s own Natural Heroes, about which we are very proud. We are about to launch the fifth season with high hopes of continuing to build a significant national audience. Because KRCB is so much of the North Bay and Bay Area, folks sometimes forget that Natural Heroes is, in fact, a
national series with over 50% of the American households now able to tune in thorough their local public station.

In addition to Natural Heroes, KRCB provides a wide variety of other environmental programs, some of which have also been distributed nationally, and others available to the Bay Area. You can find Climate One on both KRCB Television and Radio. This excellent speakers series from the Commonwealth Club of California brings together top thinkers and doers from business, government, academia and advocacy groups to advance the discussion about a clean energy future.

Bay Nature on the Air and Around the Bay with Will Travis feature our beautiful natural landscape and the challenges of rising sea levels. Lisa Friedenthal-Lee’s Don’t Throw That Away turns young people’s attention to trash, while KRCB and InCA Productions teamed up to produce Powering Up to feature simple changes we can make to significantly reduce our energy consumption.

All reflecting KRCB’s commitment to our community and our world.