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President's January message

Dear Member,
   The challenges of the new year for public broadcasting and other arts and education organizations were presaged by efforts in Congress in early December to cut all funding to public radio. By the end of January or in February we expect those efforts, including de-funding public television, to be redoubled.    As these challenges have occurred, over our years of our experience, we have actually observed some reassuring dynamics. There has been, for more than 50 years, strong support for public broadcasting/public media from both sides of the aisle. The contribution that PBS and NPR have made over the decades to this nation in education, arts and culture, and news and information are parallel to none. The integrity, commitment, and quality of our programs have now shaped generations of Americans to become intelligent, engaged citizens.
   We will need your voice to carry that message with vigor to our Congressional delegation (who are fantastic supporters of KRCB, NPR, and PBS) and, most importantly to delegations in other parts of the country where you have friends and family.         Public broadcasting is a national treasure; we will absolutely need every voice of every member to carry and enforce that message.

Nancy Dobbs