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President's January 2012 Message

Dear Member,
   The year 2012 is an important milestone in the recent history of our Northern California community.  Our landscapes and viewscapes have been preserved and protected by hosts of hardworking land savers over the past century.  This year marks important anniversaries  of a number of true landmarks created by those far seeing individuals.  KRCB is happy to help celebrate their accomplishments.
   Our friends at Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD), have been preserving watershed for an incredible 100 years. The Golden Gate Bridge turns 75 and we’ll be interested to see what sort of celebration is planned this time ’round. Marin County Parks turns 40. The precious Point Reyes National Seashore was dedicated 50 years ago and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, 40 years ago. The creation of both these national parks will be explored in Moments in Time (working title), a documentary by Kelly-Yamamoto Productions in partnership with KRCB. If the last part of the production funding can be raised quickly, we will look forward to Point Reyes making the documentary a part of their celebration this fall.
   We stand, as Huey Johnson says, on the shoulders of these visionaries.  KRCB’s Natural Heroes encourages us to look around today and re-dedicate ourselves to this important public work.