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President's February Message

Dear Member,
     Over the past several months you have seen KRCB increasingly using the expression “public media” rather than “public broadcasting.” I thought you might be curious what that shift signified.
     As we have discussed in these pages over the past two years, KRCB has a broad definition of our job in the community. Our mission statement captures the commitment most clearly: “In order to encourage full participation in society and community, KRCB provides educational, informational, and cultural telecommunications services in partnership with our community.” Our goal is not simply to provide the best possible television and radio service, but to use all the telecommunications tools available to us to serve the community. So you will see an increasing amount of content and opportunity to communicate and discuss at our web site, We will welcome your feedback as this service develops.
     And because we are working “in partnership with our community,” you will find us very present outside of our studios, working with our valuable community colleagues to focus attention, stimulate discussion, and encourage engagement across a wide range of issues and concerns. So, “public media” encompasses all the tools available to us to carry out that very ambitious mission statement. And, as I always say, your loyal and generous support makes it possible for KRCB to be one of the most forward looking stations in the nation.
     Thanks a million.

Nancy Dobbs