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President's Blog for November 2010

Dear Member,

   KRCB continues to work to expand our public media service to Northern California. Staff, board members and community members are discussing and describing our new local content possibilities, re-writing organizational charts, and thinking about funding. The new world of communications—both the tools and the techniques—continues to expand the possibilities. We want to get this right, but also know that “the perfect is the enemy of the good,” so we will probably be experimenting for a very long time.
   As we roll out new services, one of our core goals is to build community and community engagement. In order to do that well, we will need broad involvement from folks who want to work with us to build this new public media. The core values of public broadcasting and the community service will remain the same but the possibilities for community interaction will take a huge leap forward.
   Do come with us and experiment as we step into the future for KRCB and our community.