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President's blog for June 2010

Dear Member,
   I’m looking forward to a great month of fantastic programming with you. As usual, Stan and Robin have brought us the best national programming, complemented by unusual programming from independent producers. We often hear that this mix of programming makes KRCB Television and Radio the best in public broadcasting in the Bay Area.

   The additional really unique element in our radio programming is an incredible team of volunteer hosts. Most of what you hear in the evenings and on the weekends are programs that have been developed by individuals who are passionate about local public radio. They come in week after week (in many cases, year after year!) to share that passion with you. The eclectic mix of music they share is often complemented by bits of “insider” information about the singer, the band or the songwriter.     Whatever you tune in for—jazz, roots, classical, Sonoma Spotlight, and so much more—know that KRCB’s volunteer programmers are dedicated to bringing you the best of the genre.  Give them a shout and let them know how much you appreciate everything they do for KRCB and the community.