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President's Blog for December 2010

Dear Member,

   It is not uncommon these days to run into a supporter of KRCB and be asked, “So, how are things going?”  “Things” being understood to mean are we making ends meet in the continuing tough economic environment?  I am happy to give you an update.
   For starters, we have been very conservative in our budgeting, assuming flat revenues in our main income categories of membership, underwriting, and auction.  We’ve met those targets this year, with the community’s support. What we’ve noticed in membership, for example, is that while some have had to drop or reduce their support, others have stepped up and increased theirs. We have also been fortunate in the past 18 months to receive unexpected bequests that have been vital to our financial health.
   You should also know that the staff has been making a major sacrifice to make it all work. All staff have been on furlough over the past year - 1 day off every 6 weeks - so reduced pay to take home. And although we have been equally conservative in our spending, we have still had to borrow a bit out of our reserves to finally make it all work.
   All the same, KRCB been luckier than many of our fellow public broadcasters and non-profits in thus far successfully navigating the shoals. You are part of the reason for that success and for that we are most appreciative. Have a wonderful holiday season.