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November Presidents Blog

Dear Member,
robinWe are delighted to report that Robin Pressman, our KRCB FM Program Director, is a recipient of a  2011 Boho Award from the North Bay Bohemian. In announcing the award, the paper noted that Robin has “gone to extraordinary lengths to support and promote independent artists in the North Bay.”

While Robin is the first to say, “I really see this as an award for KRCB and every one who works here, including all of the many volunteers,” we all know that even great teams need a sparkplug, an inspiration, and Robin has been providing that for 16 incredibly productive years. Again, from the Boho: “Your encouragement and counsel have proven invaluable to many...” as Robin has featured and promoted hundreds of local artists in all mediums. “We are definitely giving voice to people who don’t necessarily get a voice in today’s media.”

Which, of course, is the mission of KRCB. And it is appropriate to recognize the individuals who make it happen.
Congratulations, Robin!