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January President's Blog

Dear Member,
   Here at the station we have been spending a lot of time lately working on the concept of expanding our service to our local communities. A friend of the station recently suggested an adjustment to the regular concept of “network.” We should conceive of ourselves not as a part of a network but rather as providing and creating a network among local groups, using our on-air and on-line capacities to accomplish this. Perhaps we use radio and television to introduce folks to on-line communities which form around a program or a local band or a shared issue, offering everyone a chance to meet up with folks of similar interests and concerns. Connecting audiences, if you will.
    We, as a community, might reap remarkable and unanticipated results: Do we re-learn the concept of community involvement and engagement; do we become a community of learners and doers; do we consciously and purposefully put our collective attention to making the North Bay the best possible community? Certainly food for thought in the world of new media.
   I believe that KRCB—as our locally owned, locally controlled, locally programmed media resource—is a key element in achieving this potential. We’re lucky to have it, thanks to you!

Sincerely, Nancy