President's Journal

Dear Member,
   One of our great pleasures here at KRCB is when we are able to work with independent producers to air their work on Channel 22 and also to present it to PBS stations nationwide. Not only are we able to get these producers the recognition they deserve for their great work, but we also are able to add variety to the program line-up on other stations.

   In May we are airing two programs which KRCB will also present to “the system.”  Lessons from the Real World comes to us from award-winning producer Bob Gliner.  Lessons looks at our K-12 school system and the current emphasis on test scores. The documentary suggests, as do many educators, that looking at scores is looking in the wrong place for an improved and relevant education.

   Someplace with a Mountain will also be a KRCB presentation to stations around the country. Producers Russell Long and Steve Goodall present the story of climate change and the flooding of the homeland of a very special group of Pacific Islanders.

   Independent producers are the creative force in public broadcasting.  KRCB has always been committed to providing a forum—Channel 22—to showcase their work. Of course, our own Natural Heroes, returning in August, is also evidence of that commitment.

   Enjoy!  You make it happen.

   We often describe in these pages the collaborative work in which KRCB is engaged. As you know, it ranges from work with local non-profits to government agencies, production work to public education and outreach. Today I would like to let you know about an important statewide collaborative.
   California Public Television is a consortium of PBS and other public educational television stations across the state. Together we reach some 98% of the state’s population. In other words, CPT is the most effective and efficient way to reach the entire state. We have worked together for about 10 years and I have been President of the group for the past two years.
   CPT has just been awarded a contract, through KPBS in San Diego, from several state agencies focused on managing emergencies. The stations will participate in a novel statewide effort to promote earthquake preparedness—something we all know we should do and which few of us actually do. The “novel approach” represents an effort to change that equation on preparedness and “shake” us all into action. KRCB is proud to have helped bring this project to fruition and to participate in the television programming and web based aspects of the project.
   Watch this space this spring and summer!

 Dear Member,

     As detailed above on this page, KRCB is launching a brave new experiment with online news and information. This is a exciting new manifestation of the hopes and dreams and focus on the spirit of innovation which is driving us here at the station.

     Our community engagement mentor, Rich Harwood has written recently about innovation. He notes a common tension these days between planning and innovation, observing with regret that, "Too often, when confronted by a challenge, we reach to do more endless planning." Of course, we all know that critical and sound planning  must precede action, but too often planning is used to avoid action or in search of the illusive perfect knowledge of the future. 

     The monumental transformation of the world of news and information has had the KRCB staff, Board, and volunteers planning, talking, reading, considering for somewhat over a year. It is now time to try the innovations we've been talking about. We are going out on something of a limb, but to stay where we have been, in the face of those monumental changes, is simply not an option. In order to continue as your trusted source of information about the world and the North Bay, we are embracing innovation. There will surely be bumps along the way, but that's how we learn. And we'll measure and count and observe, as well as welcoming your comments. That is also how we'll learn.

     Keep an eye on your public media service, KRCB.


Dear Member,
   Several months ago I told you about a budding partnership between KRCB and local plein air artist, Annie Murphy Springer. Annie approached us with an offer to produce a watercolor show for KRCB to air and to send to other PBS stations as well.
   Well, I have to tell you that, over the years, many folks have  come to us with excellent ideas. But pulling together the money, the team, and getting the job done is a much bigger undertaking than most of those folks recognize. Not so Annie. But then, y’all who know her recognize Annie as a force of nature. She has pulled off this amazing feat and produced, with her fantastic producer Seth, a series of seven short form television programs on the Wonders of Watercolor.     The shows are really wonderful. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the effort. Tune in at 1:28 on Saturday afternoons to catch them. They are airing elsewhere in the schedule as well, but for sure on Saturday afternoon.
   Partnerships with our community.  That’s how it works at KRCB.


Nancy Dobbs

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