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February Presidents Message

Dear Member,
   Like any organization, KRCB has a crew of incredible folks running the show behind the scenes. These are people you’ll probably not hear or see on the air, but they make the entire show possible.
   In no particular order—staff who are dedicated to fundraising fill a variety of jobs.  They telemarket for auction items, plan membership drives, send out renewal reminders, and make certain that you receive your thank you gift when you join. Grants are written and underwriting is sold to great local and regional businesses. In none of this are we “begging,” but rather giving individuals and businesses the opportunity to
support this valuable local institution.  
   Many of you know our administrative staff—a great personal phone team (no you won’t get a machine, at least not during business hours), folks paying the bills, preparing for our annual audit, and making certain we follow all the rules.  Part of what our engineering staff does is also making sure we
follow the rules of the FCC, and fundamentally doing all the work it takes to make sure we’re on the air and you can watch and listen to the shows you love.
   Production staff in television and radio, our community outreach staff, rounded out by our news staff, provide the content you see, hear, and experience in the community.  
   All these folks make your public media service everything it can be.  Hats off to the KRCB team.