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December brings two local productions to the air.

   December brings two local productions to the air, both a result of partnerships with strong community organizations.
   The partnership with Climate One, a project of the Commonwealth Club, is described on page 3 in the December Open Air. We here at KRCB believe that the information presented in this series is critical to our understanding of the debates on climate change issues. Too often commercial media presents “information” in an hysterical, misleading, dis-information style, as fed to them by special interest groups. You will find on KRCB Television and Radio just the opposite —the information you need to understand the range of the debate and to make up your own mind.
   Another wonderful partnership continues to grow with Community Action Partnership (CAP) of Sonoma County. On December 28, catch the special produced by CAP teen leaders along with KRCB’s Voice of Youth team. Our young citizen journalists wanted to examine the impact of the economic crisis, close to home. Not only did the teens learn all aspects of video production (and you will be able to see their work), but we are consciously involving these youth in difficult community issues which we must all solve together. That is the stuff of great community collaboration and you help make it happen.
   Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season.



Nancy Dobbs, President & CEO