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Dear Member,

In our on-going efforts to improve our service to the great local businesses and corporations that support KRCB Television and Radio through underwriting sponsorship of programming, we have subscribed to an independent research service called Media Audit. This service surveys the nine-county Bay Area twice a year to identify media preferences, demographics, buying habits, and various community participation factors.

We have received our first report and were staggered and gratified to learn that KRCB Television’s weekly audience has grown to 776,000. That means that three quarters of a million folks are tuning in to KRCB at least once a week. For 28 years now we have been growing and refining our service, getting better, we think, in serving our community.

And now, 776,000 folks agree with us!

With thanks,

Dear Member
We are delighted to announce that KRCB-FM, in partnership with our friends at Coastwalk California, has received a Whale Tails grant from the California Coastal Commission. This grant supports an oral history project which is the first effort to collect the untold stories of how the coast of California was saved from development

The late Peter Douglas, long-time Commission Executive Director, narrates the stories which will be broadcast on KRCB FM, as well as available as podcasts or on demand at The vision of our colleagues at Coastwalk is that visitors driving or hiking the magnificent California coast will be able to download these stories and listen to them as they enjoy the coast.

These audio vignettes, which also feature original music by Mickey Hart, relate the history of the now 40-year struggle to preserve our spectacular coast, by focusing on specific locations. Our goal is to assure that current and future generations will not forget the effort needed for a task such as preserving the coast. We’ll keep you posted, but look for the stories to roll out by September.

Dear Member,
May once again brings an important KRCB presentation to our community and to all the PBS stations nationwide. As we have done before, KRCB is the presenting station for a critical health-related program. The Parents’ Survival Guide: Childhood Obesity explores the ways in which parents can work with their children to promote nutrition and exercise.

This program, of course, fits right in with KRCB’s Health Connections initiative. We have committed to you that we will work with our community to find and support solutions to the challenging and persistent health issues confronting all of us. The Parents’ Survival Guide (airing on May 22nd) is a part of the fulfillment of that commitment. 

Beyond this important airing, KRCB is continuing its commitment to distribute these critical shows to all the other PBS stations. The Parents’ Survival Guide joins other recent shows similarly distributed such as The Harvest of Loneliness on the bracero program and The Hippy Gourmet as well as our award-winning Natural Heroes series and other great shows. Check it out on KRCB. You make it happen!
Sincerely, Nancy Dobbs

Dear Member,
In the past two months KRCB has received two wonderful notices of supporters remembering KRCB in their will or planned giving vehicles, such as a trust or an insurance policy. We can’t tell you how fantastic such news is to KRCB, as the station, like many organizations, continues to be affected by the recession.

If you are preparing or amending these documents, I would ask, after you have taken care of your family and loved ones, that you consider KRCB as a possible benefactor of your generosity and concern for the community. If there is a particular program genre or KRCB service to which you would like to have your support directed, such as children’s programming or local news, you have only to make a note of those wishes.

You can check out a few more options and the legal information needed at And, thanks in advance for your consideration and generosity.

Sincerely, Nancy

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