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  1. Plenty of Holiday Programs For Thanksgiving Day!
  2. Lawmakers Push Back on 'Outrageous' and 'Unacceptable' Fire Funding
  3. California Update for Wednesday, November 22, 2017
  4. Conference in December Seeks a ‘Free Palestine’ and ‘Justice’ in the Middle East
  5. Fire Update: Immigrant Fears, Passport Request, Tourism Woes
  6. Outbeat Radio News for Monday, November 20, 2017
  7. California Update for Monday, November 20, 2017
  8. California Update for Friday, November 17, 2017
  9. California Update for Thursday, November 16, 2017
  10. New Hotline Offers Support for Immigrants in Case of Raids
  11. FEMA Brings First 26 Trailers to Sonoma County Fairgrounds
  12. California Update for Wednesday, November 15, 2017
  13. Burbank Housing Working to Create Affordable Alternatives After Fires
  14. Roseland Club Set to Become Nonprofit, to Expand Services in Their Community
  15. Roseland Club Set to Become Nonprofit, to Expand Services in Its Community
  16. Former Supervisor Efren Carrillo Recounts History Leading to Roseland Annexation
  17. Outbeat Radio News for Monday, November 13, 2017
  18. California Update for Monday, November 13, 2017
  19. When Apples, not Grapes, Ruled Local Fields
  20. California Update for Friday, November 10, 2017
  21. Young Fire Victim Remembered as Passionate About Sports, Friendships
  22. Sonoma County District Attorney Warns of Fraudulent FEMA Applications
  23. Preparedness for Rain After Wildfires
  24. California Update for Tuesday, November 7, 2017
  25. Outbeat Radio News for Monday, November 6, 2017
  26. California Update for Monday, November 6, 2017
  27. Want to Help Your Neighbors After the Fires? Here's How (a partial list)
  28. California Update for Friday, November 3, 2017
  29. Music and Poetry Begin the Healing Process After Deadly Fires
  30. KRCB Board Member Bill Gittins Optimistic, Despite Fire That Destroyed His Paintings
  31. California Update for Thursday, November 2, 2017
  32. Maps That Outline Fire Danger for Building Codes Likely to Be Rewritten
  33. Deadline Nov. 1 for North Bay Fire Victims to Apply for Disaster CalFresh
  34. California Update for Wednesday, November 1, 2017
  35. Find Disaster Relief Resources Aimed at Immigrant Victims of North Bay Fires
  36. California Update for Tuesday, October 31, 2017
  37. Cannabis Farmers Hit by Fire on Top of Plunging Prices and Legalization Uncertainties
  38. Outbeat Radio News for Monday, October 30, 2017
  39. California Update for Monday, October 30, 2017
  40. California Update for Friday, October 27, 2017
  41. Vietnam Vet Fred Ptucha Makes Emotional Journey to Help Former Enemies
  42. Makerspace Opens at SSU for Students to Experience Joys of Failure and Creation
  43. Sonoma County Group Plans Hotline for Emergency Immigration Action
  44. California Update for Thursday, October 26, 2017
  45. California Update for Wednesday, October 26, 2017
  46. Our Friend, the Bat
  47. California Update for Tuesday, October 24, 2017
  48. Outbeat Radio News for Monday, October 23, 2017
  49. California Update for Monday, October 23, 2017
  50. Coming to Terms with PTSD, Vietnam Vet Leans on Family for Unconditional Love
  51. 'Company Town' to Air on KRCB Oct. 23; Saving S.F. From the 'Sharing' Economy
  52. California Update for Friday, October 20, 2017
  54. California Update for Thursday, October 19, 2017
  55. Sonoma County Fires Community Meetings
  56. Mexican Consulate to Provide Support in Santa Rosa to Victims of North Bay Fires
  57. SANTA ROSA Emergency Information Update 10/18/17
  58. Mendocino Temple Holds Secret of Immigrants Past
  59. Sonoma County Residents Find Relief in Local Assistance Center and FEMA Hub
  60. LOCAL ASSISTANCE CENTER for Sonoma County Residents Affected By Fires
  61. California Update for Tuesday, October 17, 2017
  62. As Fire Crisis Continues, Counselors Will Be Needed to Help Those at the Margins
  64. Songwriter Pete Stringfellow Donates 'Santa Rosa' Song to Fire Relief
  65. City of Calistoga Evacuation Order Lifted
  66. SONOMA COUNTY FIRE: Community Information 10/15/17
  67. Local Assistance Center Open for Sonoma County Residents Impacted by Fires
  68. Sonoma County Clinic and Urgent Care Locations - Updated 10/14/17 4:30pm
  69. Santa Rosa Fire Emergency Information - Update 10/14/17
  70. Sonoma County Update on Multiple Fires - Upated 10/13/13 8:00 pm
  71. Sonoma County Update on Multiple Fires - Updated 10/13/13 8:00 pm
  73. Sonoma County Confirmed Evacuation Areas 10/12/17 10:35 pm
  74. Sheriff Rob Giordano announces names of 10 decedents in this week's Sonoma County fires
  75. COUNTY OF SONOMA Community information update 10/12/17
  76. Santa Rosa Emergency Information - Updated 10/12/17 9:34 am
  77. Sonoma County Update on Multiple Fires
  78. City of Santa Rosa FIRE UPDATE - Wednesday 10/11/17 9:30 am
  79. SANTA ROSA EMERGENCY INFORMATION - updated 10/10/17 9:37pm
  80. COUNTY OF SONOMA ROAD CLOSURES Update Oct. 10, 2017
  83. To volunteer at the American Red Cross:
  84. Santa Rosa City Bus Service Suspended
  85. Evacuation information for Rohnert Park, California
  86. Local Eyewitness to Las Vegas Shooting Calmed by Victim Advocate Training
  87. California Update for Friday, October 6, 2017
  88. Museum of Sonoma County Celebrates Life and Death with Dia de Los Muertos Exhibition
  89. California Update for Thursday, October 5, 2017
  90. Here's How You Can Give Blood to Help Victims of Las Vegas Shooting
  91. Cannabis Seminar at Sonoma State Part of Long Range Plan to Study All Aspects of Industry
  92. California Update for Wednesday, October 4, 2017
  93. Santa Rosa Sets its Sights on Sixth Street Homeless Encampment
  94. DACA Deadline Approaches October 5: FAQ and Resources
  95. California Update for Tuesday, October 3, 2017
  96. Marin County Launches Climate Change Campaign to Drastically Reduce Greenhouse Gases
  97. Outbeat Radio News for Monday, October 2, 2017
  98. California Update for Monday, October 2, 2017
  99. California Update for Friday, September 29, 2017
  100. Fasting 'to Get in Touch With Your Soul,' Jewish Holiday Yom Kippur Ends 'Days of Awe'
  101. California Update for Thursday, September 28, 2017
  102. Banned Books Week: Time to Hug a Librarian
  103. Sonoma State Ordered to Pay Nearly $3 Million in Asbestos Penalties
  104. California Update for Wednesday, September 27, 2017
  105. Sonoma County Lawyers Move to Help DACA Recipients as Crisis Unfolds
  106. California Update for Tuesday, September 26, 2017
  107. Community Members Learn About Gang Prevention and Awareness
  108. Santa Rosa JC Town Hall on DACA Provides Hope for Those at Risk
  109. Outbeat Radio News for Monday, September 25, 2017
  110. School Districts Push For Faster Construction Funds
  111. DACA Update: Town Hall at SRJC, Counseling Sessions 9/23 and 9/28
  112. DACA Update: Town Hall at SRJC, Counseling Sessions 9/23, 9/28, 10/12
  113. A Vietnam Vet Remembers Coming Home to Indifference
  114. POLITIFACT CA: Do Three-Quarters Of Americans Support The DREAM Act? Nancy Pelosi Says So
  115. California's Obamacare Supporters Brace for Newest Repeal Push
  116. Sonoma County Launches New Mini-Grants for Educational Innovation
  117. California Community Colleges Work To Get Free Tuition Into The Hands Of Low-Income Students
  118. Jewish High Holidays Begin with Blasts of Horn, Bites of Apple and Honey
  119. Gov. Brown Blasts Trump In NY, Calls For GOP Climate Change Cooperation
  120. Vietnam Veteran Remembers a Ping, Then 'Boom'
  121. Outbeat Radio News for Monday, September 18, 2017
  122. POLITIFACT CA: Treasurer John Chiang’s Claim On Affordable Housing Doesn’t Add Up
  123. Housing Package Ekes Through Assembly After Dramatic (And Lengthy) Vote
  124. Vietnam Veteran Recounts Battlefield Moment
  125. New Protections For LGBT Seniors In Long-Term Care Facilities
  126. Vietnam Veteran Shares Poem 'Combat Paper' About Wartime and What Followed
  127. Bill To Create "Safe Zones" For Drug Use Stalls in California Senate
  128. Artist in Residence Brings Ukuleles to Santa Rosa School
  129. Mexico Promises Aid For DACA Recipients
  130. National Heirloom Exposition Displays Endless Varieties of ‘Pure Food’ in Santa Rosa
  131. Covered California for Small Business Sees Small Jump in Premiums
  132. Irma Weakens But Still Packs A Punch As It Moves Toward Georgia
  133. Drug Transparency Measure Done For The Year
  134. Making Connections Between Food, Water and Fossil Fuels as Storms Bear Down
  135. Senate Weighs When Employers Should Learn of New Hires' Criminal History
  136. Demonstrators in Santa Rosa Defend DACA After Trump Decision to End It
  137. California Lawmakers React To Trump's Move To End DACA
  138. Sonoma County Officials Push for More Healthcare Options for Mentally Ill Patients
  139. As Trump Ends DACA, Local Dreamer Says: 'I'm an American... not an Alien. I'm a Human'
  140. Housing, Parks, Immigration Top Legislature's Agenda In Final Two Weeks
  141. New App Helps Parents Screen for Scoliosis
  142. Sonoma County's Healthcare System Pushing Mentally Ill Patients into Emergency Rooms, Jails
  143. Trump Promises DACA Answer Sept. 5 as Nearly 800,000 Await Word
  144. Drug Price Transparency Bill Faces Crucial Committee Vote
  145. Under Threat, Santa Rosa Will Move to District Elections for City Council
  146. With Temperatures Set to Soar Labor Day Weekend, Stay Safe
  147. Governor, Legislative Democrats At Odds Over Inclusionary Housing For Rental Units
  148. Discarded Wood Becomes Works of Art in the Hands of Nicasio Woodworking Couple
  149. Santa Rosa City Council Member Combs: Election by District Will Strengthen City
  150. Proposal Would Extend Provisional License to Drivers Under 21
  151. Experts Testify at Congressional Forum on Harm to Coast if Protections Are Lifted
  152. California Needs To Invest Billions For Flood Protection
  153. 'Thirteen Reasons Why' Author Jay Asher Addresses Controversy and Season 2
  154. Will California Legislature Act On Housing This Week?
  155. California's Top Court Upholds Expedited Death Penalty
  156. 'Concessionistas' Offer Coffee with a Conscience as SMART Train Begins Service
  157. Proponents Of "California Disclose Act" Announce Deal, 7-Years Later
  158. Congressional Forum Asserts Value of Local Marine Sanctuaries, Threatened by Trump
  159. CalRecycle Report Shows Dip In Statewide Recycling Rate In 2016
  160. College of Marin Leads Sustainability Efforts with Switch to Renewable Energy
  161. Sonoma County Board of Supervisors Appoints Rob Giordano as Sheriff-Coroner
  162. Kids Take Full Enjoyment Of Partial Eclipse As Adults Struggle To See It
  163. At Sonoma State Convocation: Commitment to Outreach and Inclusion
  164. Cal EPA Moves Toward Tighter Pesticide Restrictions
  165. Santa Rosa Trash Rates to Rise, New Operator Promises Improved Service
  166. Electric Vehicle Report Imagines a Time, Soon, When EVs Rule County Roads
  167. Aging Workforce and Tough Immigration Policies Result in Vineyard Harvest Labor Shortage
  168. California Lawmakers Ask Feds To Stop Alt-Right Rally In SF
  169. After Violence in Charlottesville, Berkeley, Police Weigh How to Handle Protests
  170. Sonoma State Welcomes Major Changes in Approach to College Readiness
  171. 'The Farthest' from PBS Tells Story of Voyager Mission, Previews in Sebastopol Aug. 16
  172. Judge Temporarily Blocks State Recall Law
  173. Pigpen, and his Cloud of Dust, Star in Schulz Museum Exhibition
  174. Santa Rosa Rally Draws Hundreds Opposed to White Nationalism
  175. Firearms Research Center to Explore Gun Deaths with State Funds
  176. Good Grief! It's the 15th Anniversary of the Charles M. Schulz Museum
  177. Eclipse in Our Region Will Be Fun, if not Total
  178. Interim Sonoma Sheriff to Provide 'Less Cooperation' with Immigration Enforcement
  179. POLITIFACT CA: Does It Really Cost $75K Per Year To Lock Up An Inmate In California?
  180. Opponents Have Their Say on Roseland Annexation at Agency Meeting
  181. More California Farmers Markets To Support Low-Income Shoppers
  182. Annexation of Roseland by City of Santa Rosa Moves Forward to Next Step
  183. First of Its Kind Electric Truck Debuts at Straus Creamery
  184. Utilities Could Install EV Charging At Beaches, Schools Under CA Bills
  185. Local Astronomer Warns About Dangerous Counterfeit Eclipse Glasses
  186. It's California Vs. Sessions On Police Seizures Of Cash, Property
  187. Back-to-School Vaccines a Must for California Kids
  188. Human Coexistence with Mountain Lions
  189. Learning About The Mountain Lions Among Us
  190. Why Are Alzheimer's Rates So High Among Latinos?
  191. Historical Documents Show How Petaluma was the Wild West Before Incorporation
  192. POLITIFACT CA: Did Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom Get His Facts Right On Universal Health Care?
  193. Dairy Farm Manages Water and Manure with Simple Techniques
  194. Carbon Farming Taking Root in California
  195. CA Legislature Likely Needs To Re-Approve State Olympic Funding
  196. Sebastopol Farm Adopts Sustainable Practices, Grapples with Climate Change
  197. Cap-And-Trade Deal Extinguishes Controversial Fire Protection Fee
  198. Local Insight into President’s Actions Affecting LBGTQ Community
  199. Giant Firefighting Tanker Grounded
  200. Don’t Believe Their Bad Press: Badgers Are a Welcome, 'Awesome' Visitor, Says Naturalist
  201. All Cash Home Buyers Help Spur Price Increases
  202. Future of Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument Unclear
  203. Brown: Cap-And-Trade Bill Signing Is Key Milestone In Climate Fight
  204. ‘Inconvenient Sequel’ from Al Gore Updates ‘Inconvenient Truth’ Film on Climate Change
  205. CA Wildfires Have Scorched More Than Three Times The Acreage Compared To Last Year
  206. Drilling, Mining and Dumping a Renewed Threat to Coastal Sanctuaries - Part 2
  207. President Trump's Executive Order on Energy Could Open Coast to Drilling, Mining - Part 1
  208. POLITIFACT CALIFORNA: Rep. Kevin McCarthy Ignores Key Facts In Claim On California Water Storage
  209. New Exhibition at Sonoma County Museum Displays County’s Rich History with Horses
  210. Brown Agrees To Work On Affordable Housing
  211. Benefitting from B Labs’ Assessment
  212. Sonoma Spotlight - Week of July 24, 2017
  213. Marine Sanctuaries: Comment Now Or Lose Your Chance to Stop Drilling Off Local Coast
  214. Many Issues Yet To Be Resolved For California's Legalized Marijuana System
  215. Measuring and Improving Corporate Citizenship
  216. Cap-And-Trade Deal Passes California Legislature
  217. Blue-Green Algae Threat in North Bay Waterways Returns as Temps Get Hotter
  218. What Is Cap-And-Trade?
  219. POLITIFACT CA: Travis Allen's Mostly True Claim California's Taxes 'Among Highest In Nation'
  220. Historic Point Reyes Maritime Radio Station Returns to Air on Night of Nights
  221. 'Angels in America' Comes Home to Sonoma County
  222. Give a Tree to Celebrate a Loved One, and Help the Planet: Trees for a Change
  223. Support Lacking For California Cap-And-Trade Extension
  224. Expanding Collaboration Between Disparate Arts
  225. CA Could Limit Drug Company Gifts To Doctors
  226. Union Celebrates Organizing Victory in Sonoma Trash Industry and Looks Ahead
  227. Internet-Wide Day of Action for Net Neutrality on July 12
  228. Sonoma County Sheriff Steve Freitas Will Leave Office August 1
  229. Advance Health Care Directives 'Speak' for You When You Can't Speak for Yourself
  230. California Sanctuary State Bill Continues Progress Through Legislature
  231. Napa County Looks to Revitalize Lake Berryessa Tourism Through Federal Partnership
  232. Could Two Democrats Face Off In 2018 California Governor's Race Runoff?
  233. No More Surprise Medical Bills in California
  234. Sonoma Vineyard Doubles as Renewable Energy Laboratory
  235. California Creates New Tax And Fee Collection Agency From Scratch
  236. California Bill Aims To Limit Local And Federal Law Enforcement Teaming Up On Marijuana Cases
  237. First-day Riders Delight in SMART Preview
  238. Cannabis Appellations on the Horizon Bring Attention to Growing Practices and Standards
  239. Supreme Court Won't Decide California Cap-And-Trade
  240. Public Art by Sculptor Albert Paley to Grace Town of Sonoma this Summer
  241. POLITIFACT CA: Nunes Gets It Wrong On Claim About Trump's Bill Signings
  242. North Bay Bike Sharing Seeks Grant Funding
  243. Rendon Sparks Uproar By Shelving Single-Payer Bill
  244. Fraudulent Service Dogs a Growing and Serious Problem for People with Disabilities
  245. POLITIFACT CA: Villaraigosa Makes Bold Claim About California's Economy And Poverty
  246. Urban Streams Program Looks to Restore Waterways in Marin County One Resident At A Time
  247. Pension Paydown Plan Approaches Passage In California
  248. Making the Case for Single Payer Health Care in California
  249. Wireless Carriers Want Legislature to Streamline 5G Deployment
  250. Sonoma Hams Plan Radio Field Day
  251. Plan To Regionalize Western Power Grid Stalls Post-Trump
  252. Lavender Season Nearing Peak in Sonoma County
  253. Bill Would Make It Illegal To Have An Open Container Of Cannabis In Vehicle While Driving
  254. Living With Rattlesnakes in Sonoma County
  255. Undocumented Young Adults Won't Get Medi-Cal Under New Budget
  256. Healdsburg’s Long History with Tourism
  257. California Moves To Bar Local Government From Immigrant Detention Contracts
  258. No Nukes Peace Boat Sails into Bodega Bay
  259. Cannabis Typo Draws Laughs In Senate Budget Committee Hearing
  260. Lives of California Farmworkers, In Their Own Words
  261. Brown, Democratic Legislative Leaders Announce Budget Deal
  262. California Budget Deal Emerges Despite Lack Of Formal Announcement
  263. Falcon Kites a New Tool to Protect Vineyards
  264. Grazing to Manage Grasslands: New Appreciation for an Old Practice
  265. CHINA: Brown's Whirlwind Tour Comes To An End
  266. First-Person Accounts Illuminate Gold Rush History
  267. CHINA: Gov. Brown Cautious On 100 Percent Renewable Bill
  268. Napa River Bypass Brings Restoration, Rejuvenation and Flood Control to the City of Napa
  269. Critics Say Doctors Are Taking Advantage Of 'Aid In Dying' Law
  270. Measure C Fails, Leah Gold Wins in Special Elections
  271. POLITIFACT CA: Lawmaker Claims State's Clean Energy Jobs Outstrip Nation's Coal Mining Jobs
  272. MacKenzie Chairs Regional Transportation Body
  273. Questions Loom Over Single Payer Bill After Senate Passage
  274. Discovering a Coastal Rock’s Prehistoric Legacy
  275. Divided California Senate Passes Single-Payer Health Care Bill
  276. The Other Measure on Santa Rosa’s Ballot Next Tuesday
  277. Healdsburg Community Members Take Steps to Sustain It’s Small Town Charm
  278. Bail System Overhaul Passes California Senate
  279. Why Relax the Fine for Rolling Right Turns?
  280. Controlled Burn Tests Eco-Benefits of Fire
  281. POLITIFACT CA: Has Governor Jerry Brown Axed Funds For California's Dying Trees?
  282. Schoolyard Composting Project Bears Fruit
  283. California Health Insurers File Contingency Plans For 2018
  284. Senate Bill Casualties: Drugged Driving Limit, College Free Speech Bill
  285. Bert Burns: The Unknown Hitmaker of the 1960s
  286. Bert Berns: The Unknown Hitmaker of the 1960s
  287. California Dems Defend Senator From Recall Effort
  288. How Sir Francis Drake Made History in California
  289. POLITIFACT CALIFORNIA: Claim Says Governor Jerry Brown 'Diverting' 30 Percent Of New Gas Tax Money
  290. Arts Education Survey Highlights Disparities
  291. California Single-Payer Health Care Cost Pegged At $400 Billion
  292. After Commencement, Many Sonoma State Graduates Face Student Loan Debt
  293. "Berniecrats" Make Their Mark On The California Democratic Convention
  294. EDB Microlending Program Growing Small Businesses, Jobs
  295. UC Regents Defend Napolitano, Vow Closer Look At Her Budget
  296. The Benefits of Aging Outdoors
  297. Volkswagen Will Make New Electric Vehicles For California
  298. Recall Campaign Targets Sheriff Freitas
  299. Advocates Seek First Increase To California After-School Funding In Decade
  300. Secrets of Successfully Dry-Farming Grapes
  301. Assembly Bill Bans Edible Marijuana From Looking Like Candy
  302. Proposed Seawall Bill Faces Backlash from Coastal Communities
  303. Food Banks Brace for CA Cuts to Drought Assistance
  304. Will Wet Winter Change Russian River’s Summer Flows?
  305. Revised Budget Withholds UC Money Until It Adopts Audit Changes
  306. Many Steps Needed to Move Toward Zero Waste
  307. Brown To Release Updated Spending Plan Thursday
  308. Dodd Bill Expands Recourse for Wells Fargo Fraud Victims
  309. Taxes And Warning Labels On Drinks Stall, Under Pressure From Industry
  310. The Role of Generic Strains in the Cannabis Market
  311. POLITIFACT: Villaraigosa's Mostly True Claim About Rise In Graduation Rates
  312. Unraveling the Genetics of Cannabis
  313. New Partnership to Aid Sebastopol-Area Homeless
  314. Dredging Planned for Bodega Bay Channel
  315. Boosting Gas Tax Not a Long-Term Road Repair Fix
  316. Remote Old-Growth Forest Gains Protection
  317. Bald Eagles Continue to Thrive in North Bay
  318. County Libraries Resume Monday Hours
  319. New Life for the Old Cotati Cabaret
  320. Santa Rosa’s Reunified Old Courthouse Square Opens Saturday
  321. Seeking Consensus on Composting
  322. Biking and Talking Through All 50 States
  323. Climbers For Peace Plan Iranian Expedition
  324. Cannabis Industry Trade Show Hits Santa Rosa
  325. CA Senate Advances Bill Requiring UCs and CSUs To Provide Abortion Pills
  326. Marches for Science Linked to Earth Day
  327. Bill Would Shed Light On Prescription Drug Price-Setting
  328. Sonoma State Opens New Makerspace to Dreamers and Thinkers
  329. Assembly Democrats Tout Numerous Affordable Housing Bills
  330. Project Drawdown's Climate Change Solutions
  331. Proposal Would Overhaul CA Recycling Program
  332. Project Drawdown Aims to Reverse Global Warming
  333. Tax Deadline Day Spurs Calls for Presidential Transparency
  334. Debunking the Idea of "Reverse Racism"
  335. Wet Winter is Bad News for Tomales Bay Oysters
  336. No Smoking Pot While Driving Clears Committee
  337. Shift Sonoma County Aims to Cut Traffic Congestion
  338. Governor Releases Proposal To Merge Rules For Medical And Recreational Marijuana
  339. Health Partnerships Aid First-Time Mothers
  340. After Long Day (And Night,) Legislature Passes Transportation Deal
  341. Getting Proactive About Recall Safety
  342. Brown On Road Repair Funding: It's Now Or Never
  343. Pursuing a Sustainable Economy
  344. Gas Tax Votes Hard To Come By In California Legislature
  345. Changing How We Think About Aging
  346. State Senate Passes Bill to Make California A "Sanctuary State"
  347. A Lesson to be Learned from Fukushima
  348. Fresno Drivers, Truckers Pan Road Taxes, Fees
  349. Muttopia Dog Rescue Facility Finds A Home in Santa Rosa
  350. Substantial Snowpack In Manual Survey Shows California Moving From Drought To Deluge
  351. Teaching Media Literacy
  352. Brown, Democratic Leaders Announce Transportation Funding Deal
  353. Sausalito’s Tall Ship Plans to Launch This Weekend
  354. Asbestos Verdict Fails to Clear the Air at SSU
  355. Composting Toilets as an Aid to Sustainability
  356. Regulators Could Standardize How Future Cars Talk to Each Other
  357. New Study to Test Viability of Composting Toilets
  358. Three Democratic Governor Candidates Debate Education
  359. Tiny Homes Project Nearly Ready to Begin Building
  360. California Farmers Won't Get Full Water Supply
  361. Obamacare Repeal Carries Big Hit to CA Budget
  362. Gun Safety Bills Pass First Committe
  363. Hops Making a Low-Profile Comeback in Sonoma County
  364. Democratic State Lawmakers Push Juvenile Justice Reform
  365. Winter Rains Boost Gold Fever
  366. POLITIFACT: Nothing Inflated In Arnold Schwarzenegger's Claim On Gerrymandering
  367. Rosie the Riveter Day Becomes A Reality Thanks to Marin County ‘Rosie’
  368. UC Regents Mull Cap on Nonresident Enrollment
  369. Lemony Snicket Creator Cites ‘Peanuts’ Influence
  370. Trump's Clean Car Review Could Lead To Fight With California
  371. State Unveils New ‘High-Tech Report Card’ for Schools
  372. A Hands-On Farming Showcase for Kids
  373. Assembly Democrats Back Debt-Free College Plan
  374. Bad News, Good Energy at Health Care Town Hall
  375. Winter Storms Brings Millions of Dollars of Damage to Sonoma County Roads
  376. Non-profit Serves Homeless Pet Owners
  377. "Day Without A Woman" Draws Attention From California Lawmakers
  378. Cannabis Industry Cautiously Prepares for New Costs
  379. Trump's EPA Budget Cuts Eliminate Funding For Some California Programs
  380. POLITIFACT CA: Has Violent Crime Been On The Rise In California Since 2011?
  381. Meet Sonoma County’s New Health Director
  382. President Trump's Revised Travel Order, with annotations - March 6th, 2017
  383. PG&E Decides Some Pot Growers Can Qualify For Ag Energy Rate
  384. Creek Stewardship Program Brings Life and Vibrancy to Santa Rosa Creek
  385. Housing Aid for New Teachers
  386. A New Approach to Recruiting Teachers
  387. The Constitutional Case for Impeachment
  388. Dem Senators In CA Express Regrets After Removing GOP Colleague
  389. Coffee Roasting Opens New Doors for Redwood Gospel Mission Members
  390. POLITIFACT CA: Are Latinos 40 Percent Less Likely To Call Police When Victims of Crime?
  391. County’s Pot Tax Measure Draws Criticism
  392. California Senator Ousted From Floor
  393. Living With Autism
  394. Report Says California Governor's Spending Plans On Proposition 56 'May Be Problematic'
  395. Carbon Farming with Biochar
  396. Sea Level Rise Contributes to Highway 37 Flooding Woes
  397. School Start Times Could Push Back to 8:30 A.M.
  398. Mexican Senators Meet With California Dreamers
  399. Expanding Agri-Tourism in the North Bay
  400. California's State-Run Retirement Program Imperiled By House Vote
Nov 22

California Update for Thursday, November 23, 2017

• Before,stores get commercial marijuana sales licenses in 2018, the state's "Let's Talk Cannabis" campaign is spreading the word about health risks.
Nov 21

Pioneering Winery in Mendocino Faces Life After the Fires

Four generations of the Frey family live and work at their winery in Redwood Valley.
Nov 21

Thankful to Escape the Flames with Family, but Stressed at the Holidays

Today the Espinoza family plans to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner in the one bedroom apartment they’ve been sharing since the North Bay fires.
Nov 21

Plenty of Holiday Programs For Thanksgiving Day!

Join KRCB FM Radio 91 for special programming on Thanksgiving Day! 6:00 AM - NPR's Morning Edition 9:00 AM - "Let's Eat!" from Hearing Voices - An audio Thanksgiving feast.
Nov 21

Lawmakers Push Back on 'Outrageous' and 'Unacceptable' Fire Funding

Is the Trump administration playing politics with disaster relief? That’s the implication of a statement released on Friday by Representatives Jared Huffman and Mike Thompson.