It seems like there's been a rise in Chicano soul, bedroom folk and the dreamy side of electro-pop emerging in music. From Balún and Helado Negro to Cuco and Divino Niño, these unique artists producing otherworldly songs, along with the seven artists featured here, are successfully pushing past the periphery of Latin alternative and experimenting with trippy, soulful and love-afflicted sounds.

So find a comfy spot, get situated and enjoy this dreamy side of Latin alternative.

Carmen Ruiz

Mexican singer-songwriter Carmen Ruiz recently debuted her first album, blanquinegro, an intrepid compilation of experimental sounds that subtly lure you in to a dreamy world where love and angst co-exist. Ruiz exquisitely explores the duality of human life and nature, its strengths and sensibilities, through music and visuals, as in her striking new video for "Pocas Palabras."

Mi Sobrino Memo

Referring to his sweet yet love-torn songs as kitchen folk, Mexico City singer Eduardo, known as Mi Sobrino Memo, has become the voice of the young and broken-hearted. Formerly a member of the band Capitán Mío, his solo career into dreamy folk sounds began with covers of classics by artists like Gianluca Grignani, Café Tacuba and Zoé as his side project, Querido Memo. Now, with full band support for his own tear-jerkers, the ukulele loving musician has released the 10-song LP, Somos Amigos.


If you've ever loved, felt loved or even experienced those heavy emotions that accompany the opposite, make way for Joslyn-Marie's profound R&B musings. The Latina musician and spoken-word artist just released a powerful album, titled To Hold, which includes the impassioned single for this video, "Searching," featured on Ajua's Playback series.

The Altons

Latino soulsters The Altons have released several oldies-inspired singles, including "Shiny Shoes" and "I'll Be Around", in anticipation of the group's album, In The Meantime (out July 26 via Cosmica Records.) Giving soulful '60s rock and soul a fresh spin, these Southeast LA musicians are an invigorating presence on the Latin alternative spectrum.

Mint Field

This Tijuana-based trio shines a theatrical spotlight on dream pop, krautrock and the complexity of textures in sound. Although we've read that they're not fond of the term Latin alternative, we find their music defines exactly that — music created by Latinos through their unique perspective, whatever that may be. In this case, it's some of the best of its kind, an intoxicating blend of the dreamy, psychedelic and far out. This is Jardin de La Paz off the EP Mientras Esperas.

Elsa y Elmar

Colombian award-winning songwriter Elsa y Elmar, who was recently named 'Latin Artist on the Rise' by Billboard, is creating what she calls spiritual pop. Her latest album, Eres Diamante, showcases the romantically tragic side of electronic pop but also delves into dancehall and tropical beats, making this an idyllic combination.

La Rosa Noir

What an invigorating treat to hear new music with vintage vibes, like the Midwest Chicano sounds of La Rosa Noir. These young Chicagoans are redefining soul, surf and rockabilly, keeping things upbeat and dance-friendly while lyrically digging deeper.

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