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Japanese Punks Otoboke Beaver Take Revenge In A Grindhouse-Inspired Video

The Kyoto-based Otoboke Beaver takes in the history of Japanese punk and runs with scissors in hand towards the bonkers-noise of early Boredoms, Afrirampo's uninhibited avant-punk, and the revved-up garage-rock of Shonen Knife (and maybe a little bit of John Zorn's blistering Naked City, just to put it over the top).

Punk is rarely this charmingly vicious.

Filmed around Kyoto temples and shrines and by the Katsura River, Keita Yamamoto directs this video for "Love Is Short." In it, the band takes vengeance on an eye-patched boss and his henchman in style. Turns out that the no-good men baddies also serve as goofy stand-ins for the song's theme.

"'Being in Love is like a war for me, but what is love?' I expressed this song to say goodbye to unproductive, barren love," says guitarist and vocalist Accorinrin. "It is also a reflection of the anxiety of the marriage promise."

Love Is Short is out digitally now, with a 7" available for Record Store Day at participating stores.

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