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Sustaining Membership

During the year, our family of friends and supporters can rest assured that KRCB will continue to be a place where folks can always find insightful and rewarding programs that speak to the intellect, entertain, and foster a community connection. 

This KRCB community is a direct result of the financial support of our members. Year-by-year members are the backbone of our finances, however, the automatic renewals of our Sustaining Membership Program keep the KRCB budget healthy and strong, now and into the future. 

The Sustaining Partner Program is for members who support KRCB with a monthly gift. These gifts, of $10, $20, $30 (or more) per month, from our ever growing circle of sustainers, play a key role in helping KRCB provide the very best in Public Television and Radio. 


Would you like to join our Sustaining Partner Program? It’s simple to do. Charge your continuing contribution on your credit card. One year later, your membership is automatically renewed, and a thank you gift is sent. This puts to an end those easy-to-forget renewal letters. You never have to wonder if your membership has lapsed, and it keeps KRCB going strong, it saves trees too! 

KRCB’s Sustaining Partners are among our most loyal friends. For more information on joining this special circle of supporters, call Vanessa Bergamo, KRCB Membership Manager, at 707-584-2018. Or just click on the Donate link and sign up right now!

This is your opportunity to help us create a stronger KRCB community.