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Setting Small Fires to Avoid Larger Ones; First Signs of Life at Burned Sonoma County Lake

Today, we’ve got two reports about the aftermath of October’s fires. They come to us through our partnership with KQED’s California Report.

First, an independent state watchdog called the Little Hoover Commission says California needs to re-examine how it manages the state’s forests to minimize the risk of catastrophic wildfires.

One key recommendation?  It may be smart to use fire as a tool – with controlled burns helping to avoid firestorms like the ones we experienced last year. Molly Peterson has that story.

Then we'll hear from Tiffany Camhi, who visits a local lake where signs of life were peeking out of the burned landscape.

Hear the original story: Signs of Life Sprout Up in North Bay's Burned Natural Landscapes

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Feb 21

Putting a Spotlight on Women Veterans and the Country's Failures to Serve Them

Today – the third and final part of our conversation with Army nurse Kate O’Hare-Palmer.
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Many Still Have Questions as City and County Host Rebuilding Meeting

The mood was serious with an undertone of frustration at the latest Rebuilding Community Meeting on Thursday, February 15 in Santa Rosa.
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California Update for Thursday, February 22, 2018

• The California Farm Bureau is bucking a national trend set by its peers, saying it can NOT support the proposed immigration legislation currently being considered by Congress.
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Nurse Returns from Vietnam, 'Stuffs' Her Feelings, Until All Hell Breaks Loose

Last week we heard from former Army nurse Kate O’Hare-Palmer as part of our series of interviews with local Vietnam-era veterans.
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California Update for Wednesday, February 21, 2018

• The Highway Patrol and UC San Diego researchers are working on an effective test for those driving under the influence.