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Free Counseling for Fire Survivors, Community Members Impacted by October's Wildfires

Today, we talk with Wendy Wheelwright, project manager for a county-wide counseling initiative called HOPE – for Helping, Outreach, Possibilities, and Empowerment.

It aims to help people suffering physical and mental effects of October’s fires. The counseling is free, and can be accessed anywhere.

Wheelwright told KRCB news director Steve Mencher that many folks dealt confidently with the crisis during and right after the fires. But those same people may just now be feeling the pain of loss: their own, and that of others.

  More information about the HOPE initiative. PDF

As an example of a community member still feeling the impact of the North Bay wildfires, we talked with our colleague at KRCB Gerry Pacitti, who told us that the events of October 8th still resonate strongly with him every day.

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