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Tengo La Voz held art workshops in 2007 and 2008, with noted artists from Sonoma County and beyond.

{mbox:|640|480|title=VisualArts|txt=Watch a behind-the-scenes video of Tengo La Voz visual arts workshop}

mural Tengo La Voz Mural:Tengo La Voz participants worked with ArtStart Santa Rosa, an arts mentoring and apprenticeship program, to create this beautiful mural about the Latino presence in Sonoma County. 
paintings Spring Painting Workshop with Julio Morales: Students chose a symbol for themselves, wrote about it, created a drawing made of writing and set it against rainbow backdrop representing the diversity of the culture in which we live.
Zine Workshop with Julio Morales. Zines are like personal magazines. Students used their magazine to explore questions like, "Where will I be in 10 years?" "The notion of representation," and "Symbols of Santa Rosa."
self_portrait_sm Self-Portraits: Students took photos of each other and then, using state-of-the-art graphics software, turned them into Illustrator graphics.
Familiar Object in Unfamiliar Places: Take a familiar object, put it in an unfamiliar place and see what it says. Julio Morales led this photography exercise to help students "see" familiar things in new ways.