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Support TV Pledge

Support TV Pledge

Live on-air phone teams of six to eight people are needed to share the spotlight with outstanding PBS programs each evening! Our pledge drives, broadcast four times throughout the year, are an excellent opportunity for groups, businesses, and organizations to place themselves in full view of the public. Bring your group or organization down to the studio in Rohnert Park for one evening to answer phones and your organization’s name will rotate in and out of our chyron box on the screen all night long thanking you for your support. Our audience recognizes and appreciates the organizations that support Public Broadcasting.

Participation is fun, easy, and offers the following benefits:

On-air credit for your company or organization in character graphic format throughout the night that you are scheduled
Verbal mentions by the hosts of the drive throughout the evening
Company t-shirts or sweatshirts can be worn by your group in the studio
Groups are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Be a part of the spirit of public television and join KRCB, a unique community resource.

Call Cheryl Scholar at 707-584-2005 or cheryl_scholar(at)