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Support Radio Pledge

Public Radio is special. One of the things that makes us special is our funding model - we put our product out there and then ask our consumers to pay for it. When we ask for funding, we're in a mode we call "pledge drive." Pledge drives are the time when public radio goes to its consumers to ask for support. It is a giddy time in radio; fabulous programming, many, many requests to listeners for support, and lots of volunteers in the station staffing phones and helping on air.

The main volunteer job during radio pledge drive is answering phones. This is a very important job because the person that answers the call is the voice of KRCB to our public. We ask folks to come to the station for a training session and then to commit to one or two shifts of two to four hours each over a two-week pledge period. We need phone answerers in the early morning, late afternoon, on weekday evenings, and all day on the weekends. Pledge drives generally occur in September/October and April/May. KRCB is utterly dependent on volunteers and when it comes to pledge, we couldn't function without you. Come down for the camaraderie and to get a behind the scenes peek at radio!

For more information contact Cheryl Scholar at 707-584-2005 or email cheryl_scholar(at)