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Donate Meals

Local restaurants have an opportunity to connect with our viewing audiences in San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, and Napa counties, as well as portions of the East Bay, with a potential viewing audience of 2.8 million. With your donation of meals for an evening, our hardworking volunteers are well-fueled to work phone banks, run cameras, appear as on-air talent, and perform multiple behind the scenes jobs. It’s a great way of connecting with our viewing audiences and volunteers, while helping KRCB to continue providing quality broadcasting.

Donate a simple meal (hot or cold) to feed 100 volunteers for an evening, and as a thank you, your restaurant will receive valuable on-air exposure as a sponsor of the Orange Board. This means that each of the six times the Orange Board is reviewed, your restaurant will be thanked as its sponsor, and during these two-minute board reviews, your restaurant’s name will appear in a crawl at the bottom of the screen. Please call Melissa Alexander in our Auction Department at 707-584-2006.

Television Membership Drive
Donate a simple meal to feed 20 volunteers for an evening, and your restaurant will be thanked on air at least five times throughout the evening.

Please call Pam Hayes at 707-584-2007 to reserve your night of sponsorship now.